04 June 2011

Trust and many other things...

Being a military family is hard. There are times when you are separated for periods of time and times when things happen and you have to work through them and hope for the best. Trust is something all families should have but I find its even more important for a military family to have it. Its the thing that gets you through all times of separations. There are a lot of "not so good people" in the military and they will do anything to destroy a family just for momentary pleasure. A lot of times the spouse is to blame but sometimes its just a really bad person spreading really bad rumors. I've always had trust in my husband to know he will do the right thing. He is a good man and is good to my son and me. With living apart I have learned to trust him on a new level and also appreciate him in a whole new way. It sucks not having him around all the time. When he visits I get super excited like a teenager in love for the first time but the day he leaves is very depressing and sad. But, we get past it and before we know it its time to see each other again.

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