10 June 2011

The Navy Wife...

I read this and really enjoyed it. Now, I am partial because we are a Navy family and come from Navy families but this really does apply to every branch of the military. =p

"The Navy wife, like her civilian counterpart, must keep house, wash clothes, and shop for groceries. Like any other wife, a Navy wife takes an active part in the local and civic activities of her community, such as church, scouting and PTA. But that's about where the similarity ends.The 
Navy wife is a rare and unique breed of woman. She has many good opportunities that other wives do not have. She also has responsibilities and hardships heaped upon her that other wives couldn't cope with. It seems as if ship or squadron departures suddenly trigger the gremlins into action that disrupt normally well-run households. The household appliances or the family car always seems to wait until the Navy man leaves on a deployment to break down. And the children suddenly develop problems that just didn't exist when "DAD" was home. Yes, the Navy wife is unique in that she is a housewife, mother, father, and family manager all in one. She also plays an important and needed role in her husband's career in the Navy, whether it be short term or lifetime career. Her attitude toward and her understanding of her husband's part in the Navy can be a liability or an asset to him. How does the Navy wife do it? Simply, she understands her role as a Navy wife, her inherent responsibility to other Navy wives and that she is indeed a part of the Navy. She feels the pride of belonging to the Navy team and recognizes that she, too, is a representative of the Navy and the United States just as her husband is. There is no other woman in the world like the Navy wife. She is indeed unique! She is indeed rare! Navy wives, we salute you. For without you, this great Navy of ours would not be what it is today"

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  1. Thanks for sharing, that's wonderful!
    Touched my heart.