01 June 2011

Mating for life. Not just for the..... humans?

I am watching Animal Planet right now (kid friendly) and they just did a short clip on Black Vultures and how they mate for life. My curiosity was perked, so I started researching online about Black Vultures. Yes, I could be doing something more interesting but I have decided that knowing about one of the ugliest birds finding love for life with one mate was interesting enough.

"Good looks are not a prerequisite to a faithful relationship. In fact, black vulture society makes sure of that. They have been known to attack other vultures that have been caught philandering!"

Wow, really? I have to say its not a huge shock knowing they would do something to horrible but I find it pretty neat that they get "jealous" in a sense when they catch their "spouses" cheating on them. Maybe those women in Wisconsin who tortured a man for cheating with them and on them could use this as defense.


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