01 June 2011


Some people would call me a little neurotic or high strung but I think I am unique. Raising a 4 year old on my own can cause for some really interesting situations and sometimes really funny stories. Its stressful at times but is also rewarding. We also have 1 "dog" if you want to call her that. She is a malamute/wolf hybrid and she is a handful. I feel like I am raising 2 children. She is very very cunning, smart, and likes to eat goats (a story for another time) and since my husband isnt around anymore she has decided she wants to run the "roost" around here. I have had to learn to grow a backbone with my 4 year old and my wolf since Erich has been gone but I am getting there. I just hope when this is all over and he gets to come home to live, our house is still standing. =p

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