02 June 2011

Attack of the Chicken Thief!

Erich is home visiting for a week, YAY! Today, for lunch, I made Erich 2pieces of lemon herb chicken and sauteed spinach and mushrooms. He was sitting down eating his lunch when Aiden walked up to him and sat down. Now, my son loves fruits and veggies. You can ask him if he wants chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce and sprinkles or if he would like an apple and he will always pick the apple. Its amazing! Well, Erich offered Aiden a mushroom and he ate it and Erich asked if he liked it. The conversation went something like this...

Erich: Do you like mushrooms?
Aiden: No, its too spicy.
Erich: Its too spicy? I thought you liked spicy things?
Aiden: Yeah, I like spicy things just not too spicy things. Daddy? Do you know whats not too spicy though?
Erich: Whats that?
Aiden: Chicken! Chicken isnt spicy
Erich: Are you saying you want a bite of my chicken?
Aiden: YEP!

What a little con-artist. He is four and has mad negotiating skills already!

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