10 June 2011

The Navy Wife...

I read this and really enjoyed it. Now, I am partial because we are a Navy family and come from Navy families but this really does apply to every branch of the military. =p

"The Navy wife, like her civilian counterpart, must keep house, wash clothes, and shop for groceries. Like any other wife, a Navy wife takes an active part in the local and civic activities of her community, such as church, scouting and PTA. But that's about where the similarity ends.The 
Navy wife is a rare and unique breed of woman. She has many good opportunities that other wives do not have. She also has responsibilities and hardships heaped upon her that other wives couldn't cope with. It seems as if ship or squadron departures suddenly trigger the gremlins into action that disrupt normally well-run households. The household appliances or the family car always seems to wait until the Navy man leaves on a deployment to break down. And the children suddenly develop problems that just didn't exist when "DAD" was home. Yes, the Navy wife is unique in that she is a housewife, mother, father, and family manager all in one. She also plays an important and needed role in her husband's career in the Navy, whether it be short term or lifetime career. Her attitude toward and her understanding of her husband's part in the Navy can be a liability or an asset to him. How does the Navy wife do it? Simply, she understands her role as a Navy wife, her inherent responsibility to other Navy wives and that she is indeed a part of the Navy. She feels the pride of belonging to the Navy team and recognizes that she, too, is a representative of the Navy and the United States just as her husband is. There is no other woman in the world like the Navy wife. She is indeed unique! She is indeed rare! Navy wives, we salute you. For without you, this great Navy of ours would not be what it is today"

09 June 2011

Deployed Parents Can Watch Kids Graduate

Deployed Parents Can Watch Kids Graduate

Im going to drink your water and when I am done I am going to lick your face!

So, this is going to be a bit of a rant. Our home-owners insurance wants to cancel us. Why...? Because, when the inspector came out he found my roommates dogs in the back yard and told the insurance company we had German Shepherds in the back yard. Okay, for one, there was only one dog in the back yard at the time and two, its definitely not a Shepherd. Its a Belgian Tervuren and they arent on the aggressive dog breed list. At first I thought it was my dog the inspector said something about because she is a malamute that looks like a wolf or some people mistake for a husky. Oh no that wasnt his dick head moment. He had to comment on the dogs, that arent a permanent fixture in my home, that were in the back yard. So, all day long, since 8am, I have been fighting with the insurance company about this. They are refusing to reinstate our insurance because they think I am lying about the breed of dog and that its a mix breed that had been mixed with a German Shepherd. Maybe they should do a little research before they cancel someone's policy.

06 June 2011

potty training woes

Aiden is regressing in his potty training. We went from being almost potty trained and ready for pre-k in August to doing number 1 and 2 in his pants. I will admit its hard for me to understand why he is going backwards because he was doing so good with it. He pretty much taught himself one day to use the potty and has been ever since. I dont know if its the anxiety of the move (even though we are pretty settled in now) or all the company we have been having. It could even be Erich not being here all the time. He did have a moment of screaming last night when I put him to do bed. Well, I say a moment but it was non stop screaming at the top of his lungs with flailing legs and arms every where for 15 minutes until I went in there and calmed him down. We have company at our house right now and because Aiden has such a huge bed and room I allow him to sleep with me and the company to stay in his room. He really likes it and it allows visitors to have some privacy. So, last night it wasnt like I was putting him in his own room in the dark; he was in my room, in my bed, with the tv on. He kept saying he didnt want to be alone and he wanted to be with me. I just hope he outgrows this soon and he gets back on track with using the restroom because I would really like to get him into pre-k this year.

04 June 2011

Trust and many other things...

Being a military family is hard. There are times when you are separated for periods of time and times when things happen and you have to work through them and hope for the best. Trust is something all families should have but I find its even more important for a military family to have it. Its the thing that gets you through all times of separations. There are a lot of "not so good people" in the military and they will do anything to destroy a family just for momentary pleasure. A lot of times the spouse is to blame but sometimes its just a really bad person spreading really bad rumors. I've always had trust in my husband to know he will do the right thing. He is a good man and is good to my son and me. With living apart I have learned to trust him on a new level and also appreciate him in a whole new way. It sucks not having him around all the time. When he visits I get super excited like a teenager in love for the first time but the day he leaves is very depressing and sad. But, we get past it and before we know it its time to see each other again.

02 June 2011

Attack of the Chicken Thief!

Erich is home visiting for a week, YAY! Today, for lunch, I made Erich 2pieces of lemon herb chicken and sauteed spinach and mushrooms. He was sitting down eating his lunch when Aiden walked up to him and sat down. Now, my son loves fruits and veggies. You can ask him if he wants chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce and sprinkles or if he would like an apple and he will always pick the apple. Its amazing! Well, Erich offered Aiden a mushroom and he ate it and Erich asked if he liked it. The conversation went something like this...

Erich: Do you like mushrooms?
Aiden: No, its too spicy.
Erich: Its too spicy? I thought you liked spicy things?
Aiden: Yeah, I like spicy things just not too spicy things. Daddy? Do you know whats not too spicy though?
Erich: Whats that?
Aiden: Chicken! Chicken isnt spicy
Erich: Are you saying you want a bite of my chicken?
Aiden: YEP!

What a little con-artist. He is four and has mad negotiating skills already!

01 June 2011

Mating for life. Not just for the..... humans?

I am watching Animal Planet right now (kid friendly) and they just did a short clip on Black Vultures and how they mate for life. My curiosity was perked, so I started researching online about Black Vultures. Yes, I could be doing something more interesting but I have decided that knowing about one of the ugliest birds finding love for life with one mate was interesting enough.

"Good looks are not a prerequisite to a faithful relationship. In fact, black vulture society makes sure of that. They have been known to attack other vultures that have been caught philandering!"

Wow, really? I have to say its not a huge shock knowing they would do something to horrible but I find it pretty neat that they get "jealous" in a sense when they catch their "spouses" cheating on them. Maybe those women in Wisconsin who tortured a man for cheating with them and on them could use this as defense.