06 June 2011

potty training woes

Aiden is regressing in his potty training. We went from being almost potty trained and ready for pre-k in August to doing number 1 and 2 in his pants. I will admit its hard for me to understand why he is going backwards because he was doing so good with it. He pretty much taught himself one day to use the potty and has been ever since. I dont know if its the anxiety of the move (even though we are pretty settled in now) or all the company we have been having. It could even be Erich not being here all the time. He did have a moment of screaming last night when I put him to do bed. Well, I say a moment but it was non stop screaming at the top of his lungs with flailing legs and arms every where for 15 minutes until I went in there and calmed him down. We have company at our house right now and because Aiden has such a huge bed and room I allow him to sleep with me and the company to stay in his room. He really likes it and it allows visitors to have some privacy. So, last night it wasnt like I was putting him in his own room in the dark; he was in my room, in my bed, with the tv on. He kept saying he didnt want to be alone and he wanted to be with me. I just hope he outgrows this soon and he gets back on track with using the restroom because I would really like to get him into pre-k this year.

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