09 June 2011

Im going to drink your water and when I am done I am going to lick your face!

So, this is going to be a bit of a rant. Our home-owners insurance wants to cancel us. Why...? Because, when the inspector came out he found my roommates dogs in the back yard and told the insurance company we had German Shepherds in the back yard. Okay, for one, there was only one dog in the back yard at the time and two, its definitely not a Shepherd. Its a Belgian Tervuren and they arent on the aggressive dog breed list. At first I thought it was my dog the inspector said something about because she is a malamute that looks like a wolf or some people mistake for a husky. Oh no that wasnt his dick head moment. He had to comment on the dogs, that arent a permanent fixture in my home, that were in the back yard. So, all day long, since 8am, I have been fighting with the insurance company about this. They are refusing to reinstate our insurance because they think I am lying about the breed of dog and that its a mix breed that had been mixed with a German Shepherd. Maybe they should do a little research before they cancel someone's policy.

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